Saturday, September 25, 2010

If you're gonna to a social event... try to have some fun, for God's sake!

Last  night I did something extremely out of character. I went out to a social event. In spite of the fact that I "know how" to be extroverted and social, I am actually shy UNLESS I am with people with whom I am comfortable. (I know you thinking I'm fibbing,  but it's true!) Typically, I avoid social events where I know only a few people. I've only been to one large fund raising event (and I was working at that one) - until last night. One of the women who works in my office volunteers for a worthwhile local organization; they were holding a "casino night" fundraiser. It was a formal event, which meant getting all dressed up and mingling with hundreds of people. I decided to go, in spite of Steve being out of town. Normally, at such an event, I would cling to his hand and try to hide behind him. However, because the awesome women who work in my office - and their significant others - were going, and because I love them and am completely comfortable with them, I decided I would be brave and join them. I even volunteered to be the DD, seeing as how I don't drink anyway!

As soon as we walked in the door, I saw two people I knew and who I like very much. That started things off nicely as I chatted with them for a few minutes. Elvis was there and we had many pictures taken with him. Then we sat down to play Texas Hold Em with the fake money they give everyone to play with. Well - we had a riot! We made friends with the dealer who just kept giving me more money - cuz I suck. We laughed and celebrated loudly when one of us would win a hand. It was super fun.

Well... you'd have thought most of the people there were at a funeral, given how dull and solemn they were. The other people at our Texas Hold Em table rarely broke a smile, let alone whooped it up if they won a hand. In fact, a few of the people actually got upset if they lost a hand! It was FAKE MONEY! Amanda, our employee who volunteers for this organization and who was working, told us a man purchasing a drink gave her a one dollar bill for a drink and insisted he get change for his 20. He was adamant with her until the male bartender assured him he had given Amanda a one dollar bill; the man then apologized. It was a FUND RAISER! Trying to make money (by conning the gorgeous bartendress) at a fundraiser? Really?

I did see one other group at a roulette table having some fun, cheering when they won. And Elvis looked like he was having a damn good time, having his picture taken with all the chicks who were dressed up and looking H-O-T! I'm telling you, this was not a bunch of people in their 50's and 60's. Not that we weren't there (I'm 50 now, so I guess I have to include myself in that demographic... ouch). There were plenty of 20, 30 and 40-somethings there. I'm certain our little group had the most fun of anybody there.  And we all looked fabulous, I might add!

The point of all of this is LIGHTEN UP AND HAVE SOME FUN! Especially if you're out socializing! Dear God, all I could think was that those stuffy old - and young - people definitely need to GET HELP AND GET HAPPY!

Enjoy your day!

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